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*Note: This older version of the LED Sequencer has been discontinued. It has been replaced with a new and improved version, the "LED Magician V2.0". Click here to see the new product, or click here for information regarding the differences between the two products.



 Special Effects Magic's exclusive! The KT01 LED Sequencer / Chaser is an LED running light generator that is easy to install and use. It's tiny form factor and design is ideal for all LED related installations such as on costumes, props, RC toys or even mods for your car! This is the product that adds blinking/fading/chasing sequences to your otherwise boring LED lights, it also works with any 9v - 24v lightings. With up to 500mA output across each of its 12 Channels, you can install up to 30 LEDs or a decent length of LED Strip light to each channel! 32 Different blinking/fading/running modes and 8 variable speeds are controlled by 4 buttons on the circuit board. It also features on-board LEDs that shows you your current running sequences and a smart microchip that "remembers" your last settings even after power-offs.

Unique Features:
  • Easy to install
  • Tiny in size! (2.5" x 1")
  • Requires only very basic technical knowledge! (ability to solder wires to it)
  • Input voltage = output voltage!
  • 12 output channels!
  • Output current of up to 0.5A (500mA) per channel!
  • 32 unique sequencers!
  • Includes chasing, blinking, fading sequence and more!
  • A mode that cycles through all the different sequences!
  • Adjustable speed! (8 different speed)
  • Does not require programming or any softwares etc.
  • Control using the 4 on-board buttons!
  • Low power consumption!
  • 12 tiny surface-mounted LEDs at the reverse side of the board shows you the current sequence!!
  • It "Remembers" your last setting even after power off!
  • One of the CHEAPEST priced LED sequencer you can find in the market!! 

Tiny LED Chaser/Sequencer KT01 12 Channels, 32 Modes, 8 variable speed (9v - 24v, 0.5A output x 12 Channels)

  • Easy to install & use, straightforward and doesn't require too deep a technical knowledge (Requires only basic soldering skill) 
  • 32 different chaser/blinking sequences x 8 Variable speed = 256 unique combinations (includes a mode that cycles through all 32 sequences) 
  • Up to 0.5A output per channel (500mA) x 12 channels! Enough to power a decent amount/length of LEDs/LED Strip at full brightness! 
  • Use ALL 12 channels or select any particular number of the channels to accomplish desired blinking effects! 
  • Tiny 12 Channels LED Sequencer ideal for LED projects such as LED Costume, set, Props, Car mods, RC Car/Plane/Helicopter, advertising displays or just simple DIY home installation projects. 
  • Low power consumption. High output. 
  • Wide range of acceptable voltage (9volts - 24volts) with same output voltage over 12 Channels, up to max of 0.5A per channel. 
  • Flexible voltage range allow powering via standard AA, AAA, C, D, 9v Battery, 12v battery or car battery (12-24v) 
  • Features built in non-volatile EEPROM, which "remembers" the last settings even after power-off. 
  • Small compact sized module measures only 6.5cm x 2.5cm. Ideal for projects that requires low profile circuitry. e.g. LED Costumes, RC Vehicle etc. 
  • 4 x on-board push-buttons controls sequences and speed (the circuit "remembers" your last setting even after power off). 
  • On the underside of the board are 12 surface-mounted LEDs to preview the running sequences without needing to connect to any external lights!

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Technical Specifications
Model no. KT01
Size: ~650mm(length) x 250mm(width) x 150mm(height)
Working voltage: DC 9volt - 24volt
Output channels: 12 channels
Output voltage: Same as input voltage
Output current: Max 0.5A (500mA)
Blinking sequences: pre-programed 32 modes with 8 variable speed
Type: Common Anode
Controls: via 4 x onboard push-buttons (2 for sequence, 2 for speed)
Circuit power consumption: <9mA @ 12v (without load)
Onboard LEDs: 12 x Surface mounted BLUE LEDs (as signal feedback)
Manufactured by: WT(W102v3)  

Download Manual for LED Sequencer KT01 HERE

See some examples of our users' project here:
Example 1 :
YouTube link 1
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YouTube link 3

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"Just to add on to my previous comment, shipping took 13 days to arrive in US." Pete - 11/3/2011
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"I ordered 2 of these when they were out of stock, you sent me a new version with screw terminals, when is this new version going to be on sale? I have a lot of use for these, very easy to work and very small size. I believe it can be much more smaller in the next version. Please include a package with the 12v battery and pre-made LEDs!" Mio Chen - 12/9/2011
EXCELLENT MODULE! 5 product stars
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"I've been looking for something like this for the longest time! Thanks for creating it!" Chris_Meyer - 10/24/2011
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"Hi! I had ordered this item. I know the description stated 9-24volts but has anyone tried running it off AA batteries on 3volts or 4.5volts? Thanks!" Unknown_User - 10/24/2011
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"Nice product, fast shipping." J_Fieldman - 10/21/2011
Great!! 5 product stars
"Great little device that solved my problems! Highly recommended! Thanks!" Jessevent - 11/7/2011
Wiring Diagram? 5 product stars
"Can someone post a review showing the correct connections of wires to th board? Would be much appreciated!" Tracy Hutchens - 3/7/2012
Excellent product, fast shipping! 5 product stars
"I've been searching for a driver like this for a long time! Excellent product and fast shipping, smaller than expected and cheaper than some of the modules I've bought that has less function. Thanks! Uri" Uri_Alexandra - 10/22/2011
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"Great Product!" Great - 10/30/2011
Nice running light sequences 4 product stars
"this has nice running light effects, low power consumption, no programming necessary. Will be great if it has extra terminals to wire switch in remote. use it in prop effect and had to expose the circuit for change lighting effect. http://...com" sunyonghee - 10/24/2011
Thank you for inventing this!! 4 product stars
"This is something i've been looking for for ages! Thank you for creating this!!" TanTan - 11/28/2011
Great item! 4 product stars
"I ordered 2 of these for my bike mod, fantastic module but took me a while to figure it out! I managed to run over 60 bright white LED per channel without any issues, would be great if they sell ready-made string of lights for this item! Will post pictures and review when I'm done with my mod! Pete" Pete - 11/3/2011
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"Not as "easy to use" as described, you do need knowledge in electronic to be able to tell which wire goes where. You'll also need to be able to solder wires. Would be good if it comes with some clip-on or screw-on wire terminals. The unit was smaller than I expected. The leds on the board is a nice touch. I do animatronics and i expose the board on my robot as an additional lighting effect. Overall 4 out of 5 stars" NoName - 10/21/2011
Lacks detailed instructions 3 product stars
"Instructions provided were very brief, it assumes you know all about electronics, took me quite a while to figure it out but eventually got it working. It will be good if it comes with step by step instructions with photos." unclelim - 11/7/2011
Slow shipping! 3 product stars
"I ordered this item on 5 Oct but only received it 23 days later on 28 Oct! The product is good but because of the extremely slow shipping I'm giving it 3 out of 5 stars." MasterUSA - 10/31/2011
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